However, these figures suffer the same limitations as many that have come before them. Ralf. Seniors at our firm earn no more than £35k and that includes car allowance. Either you are out of your mind, or you have a special vendetta against engineers for some reason to bleat such baseless inaccuracies. I think the closest comparison for non engineer here might be for Bachelors degree for men. On the another way it’s unfair from my point of view calling to gas fitters and plumbers as engineers to classified them to the same level as for example chartered engineer (4 or 5 years engineering university) that’s is big difference for me with respect to any professionals. The one’s you are thinking of run their own business. “Why are there so many engineers in India?” is one of the first questions someone tech savvy and vaguely familiar with India, would ask an Indian. Employment of mechanical engineers by state, May 2017. I can’t believe that this indeed is the case: market forces would have corrected the imbalance by now and engineers would be commanding salaries commensurate with those of other professions. In general the skills and value of engineers are better recognised and rewarded in capital intensive industries such as utilities or oil and gas rather than lower margin manufacturing where labour costs are critical. Back in the 1950s few electrical engineers knew much about software and in the transition to digital, the old school of the time knew loads about valves but nothing about transistors. There are serious and highly skilled individuals out there who hold “solid engineering foundations” as well as all other skills listed by S Martin. Now the reality is that GPs shouldn’t get paid £104,000 a year. Pay by Industry The very highest-paid environmental engineers by industry were those working in oil and gas extraction, who earned an average of $137,560 per year as of 2012. The problem now is the salary for engineers in places like India and China is increasing and less and less engineers want to come to the UK, which will once again lead to us struggling to find any engineers. If your company is up-to-date you probably have a quality manual and training material where all the terms you need are explained. With our list of the best gifts for engineers, finding a gift will be a snap. Truth being said, Civil Engineering graduates in UK are total jokes in comparison with Canada, USA, Australia or other countries. £80k-100k but this is for those dealing with commercial and high level management aspects of projects. You would likely go into early retirement. Exactly as you wrote, “any Project Manager YOU HAVE MET”. If you have a wife or a relationship it becomes unsustainable and you’ll soon feel miserable for commuting 3 hours a day. Latvia, Bulgaria and Cyprus lead with nearly 30%. However again, there are too many PMs about now, partyl to try to let us make best use of the fewer good experienced engineers we have. I think the first problem of being an engineer is that it is a lower middle-class profession. After a few years I might have topped out around £25-30k at this small firm. But, the supply demand curve theory in mytha-nomics might not be correct. I should add to my last comment that there is only one way to improve the pay and status of true Engineers and that is to build a union to truly represent them such as the BMA for Doctors. We are meant to be cheap and deliver things quickly. This route will get you more money but you will cease to be an engineer other than through the people you manage. This career should not even be mentioned in the same sentence as minimum wage. Engineer salaries at Federal Government can range from $51,130 - $172,707. The Kinematics is that branch of Dynamics which deals with the bodies in motion without taking into account the forces which are responsible for the motion. What will mechanical engineers do after automobiles become mostly electric and electronic? Well they don’t actually. It is slightly better in bigger companies. That may seem like a lot more but don’t forget the difference gets taxed at 40% and you’ve probably got either a £9,000 a year season ticket to pay for or an expensive house in the home counties that needs financing. As a basic technician! Fact is that engineers get paid the correct salary as set by supply and demand on a global basis. Because there’s a huge lack of qualified Civil Engineers in England and the remaining good ones are overworked to exhaustion. I don’t know what a tapped hole is either. When I chose to study a masters in electrical engineering I thought that because I could learn all these complex subjects that others couldn’t, that I would have little competition getting into a high paid job. In the UK at the moment, companies recruiting into engineering roles are asking for graduates…. You also get orders of magnitude more pressure put on you when you are a manager. Just read what Wikipedia writes about UK engineer recognition (lack thereof)!! Not only for my preference of hands-on to sitting at a desk, but also for the earlier financial benefits. They often have an innate curiosity about the way things work. An engineer is defined as “a person trained and skilled in the design, construction, and use of engines or machines, or in any of various branches of engineering”. I think the demand is there the problem is that engineers are not valued. Salaries estimates are based on 75 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Engineer employees in Tokyo, Japan. A company hires a degree qualified engineer because they are bright enough not to need much trainig. Clients dont want to pay much for an engineers design (which is wrong) therefore the low wages. But that’s another story. This means the Government is actively encouraging skilled mechanical engineers from overseas to work in New Zealand. They might chase you as to why things are late but they don’t listen to your explanation. I got my salary up to an astonishing £21k after jumping to another job. I like to think that this would lead to higher salaries for engineers in the future, however being a realist I see it leading to more engineering companies moving manufacturing and deign abroad. Hisham Miind: Lesser vacancies & more engineers availability. Here are my clarifications – I am not doing anyone or anything down – I think it’s great when people progress and get qualifications and experience – but some of it is more real and valuable than others. There’s a huge difference between them. Mechanical engineers in oil and gas garner the highest wages, among all engineers. I have 5 years experience and on 50% more than that. The only way to increase is to quit or go into management and cease being an Engineer. My apologies, I see MPs have given themselves a 10% payrise therefore their new salary will be £74k so the assertion that Engineers are paid a similar or greater amount is even less true than I had thought. Two conclusions: 1 No one should be legally allowed to call themselves an engineer if they aren’t qualifued as one: I can’t go around calling myself a doctor for example and2: in the UK at least if you want to be a well paid ‘engineer’ do not bother with the absolute con of graduate education. We only use labor not brain. The lowest-paid 10 percent made $49,510 per year, and the highest-paid 10 percent earned $122,290 or more per year. Are … The pay is sub-standard and the pensions are poor. 1. When I resigned the regional director summoned me to their London HQ office to explain, which I did. I am repeatedly told that my previous design experience does not apply to non-marine engineering, so I am re-training. Mechanical engineers earn about $80,000 per year with a bachelor’s degree, but the growth rate has plateaued at five percent or slower than average. I also believe the law is well overdue for a shake up. I didn’t do a grad programme, and only got a 2.2. The trouble with trying to analyse the salaries of engineers is that the subject is far too vast to be covered in a few statistics. So we’ve lost that competitive edge. That money on him is totally wasted. Almost 50% women voted for mechanical engineers to be the most attractive husbands among other engineers. What an engineer is paid in Columbus, OH, is very different than what they are paid in San Jose, CA. (5) when they emerge from behind their computer, they then proceed to try and hold projects hostage to their lack of understanding. Thanks Brendan, I fear you haven’t met a good Project Manager. they have NO control over the project as this has been pre-determined by a higher authority within the organisation. My weekly hours are 55+ and I still have to come and sort out major problems at weekends if required. £21000 pa. Medical Research Council. So what are the effects of this problem? But this profession is getting a shake-up right now. In my experience, professional project managers are a lot like professional politicians: limited qualifications for their role and a belief that because of their title they know everything. From this you then become an engineer at around £30k-£35k, then with chartership with the ICE, you can push up to senior engineer of around £40k. I do also question the graduate salary survey as these are typical salaries at large corporates, smaller firms don’t tend to pay anything like this for grads, but that may have changed. According to the Census, 12,177 mechanical engineers worked in New Zealand in 2018. However, we know that sales get paid more. You would have a net income of >£208,000 a year. It’s crazy. Nowadays, with a post graduate qualification, your starting salary would be about £25k. And add a few unpaid overtime hours per day. The more money you manage the more you earn. Chemical engineering graduates earning on average more than anyone except dentists, with a mean starting salary of £29,582. I would only advise someone to go into engineering if they truly have a passion for the subject and are prepared to settle for an average lifestyle which will most likely involve more paperwork and politics than actual engineering. The Civil Engineering industry is not profitable anymore and the companies are still keeping themselves afloat with extreme hours of unpaid work. After a paid internship with a good design consultancy in the mudlands I turned down a £22k offer and took a graduate scheme in financial services in London starting at £28k with £10k annual bonus. Most of these people at high end have background in engineering but they abandoned it for better salaries. And secondly because the figures used to claim salaries are high are usually broken down by the subject studied at university not the actual job being done. I’m retired, ex-UK with B.Sc., C.Eng and have lived in South Africa since 1971. 7 Colorado is also impressive. Then there’s lawyers. Grossly uninformed comments regarding GPs. I cannot reccomend a career in engineering to anyone currently. Page 1 … Mechanical engineers work mostly in engineering services, research and development, and manufacturing. Each month, we’ll bring you hundreds of the latest roles from across the industry. Mechanical engineers are problem solvers Lastly I know that most fields can vary wildly in salaries and some exceptional engineers will be earning £90k whereas some solicitors will be on £30k and vice versa, but in general engineering is not an efficient or easy route to untold riches. Thank you. There is a reason why I say so. The Dynamics is that branch of Engineering Mechanics which deals with the forces and their effects, while acting upon the bodies in motion. Mechanical Engineering careers and salaries. How are items costs reduced , by keeping the salaries of the engineers as low as possible that they will accept. I then lost my job in the middle of the recesion and became self employed with a uni friend. Why don’t Engineers’ salaries reflect this level of responsibility? (2) getting any paperwork that is needed drawn up by the engineer on the job, Other sectors may be around the £30k mark. India can give jobs to laborers but not to engineers. They’ve all seen too many episodes of “Suits”. Well the reality is that most architects don’t get paid very well. Then where are all these high paid jobs, apparently there is a shortage of engineers so why are so many out of work if there is such a demand. When credit card companies cancelled cards of those who always paid back their credits and issued more cards to those who only paid minimum amount and racked up more debts? Even if Warren Buffett earns a million times minimum wage, he still won’t buy a million times more breads. There are over 250,000 mechanical engineers currently working, so you’re better off choosing a more niche industry. With a degree in Electrical Engineering, and 24 years design experience in ship design, I am currently working in a warehouse on little more than minimum wage. And any other needs not covered by NHS. I was aged 28 and a senior technician on 25k pa when I jumped into projects. And if you think about you can see why. So the supply and demand is a factor, but far from the only one. Done well, with Engineering experience to back it up, I personally believe that Project Management is the more demanding job. You would have such a high disposable income you would quickly pay off your mortgage on a big house and then invest in other properties. You will not be able to afford to help out your kids or send them to independent school. He likes maths, and my self (a senior Hospital consultant) and wife, a senior hospital doctor as well, did not want him to push him to do medicine if he had no appetite for it, which he sas he doesnt. By Helen Briggs BBC News. What examination are you referring to for the CEng? I don't get it. Criticise them every chance you get. It is no wonder you UK Engineers are in the US. This is the question which most of the students are asking me these days. The second problem with being an engineer is it rarely lends itself to setting up your own business. Without business there would be no need for IT. Jobs are always in demand, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, biotechnology, and energy industries. Why do ordinary people have to pay £20,000 to get divorced? ££) fields, or become entrepreneurial. If you think it is all about money, then go and try to get into banking. Colorado experienced the biggest increase in average wages for mechanical engineers … Steve Jobs’s sharp and cheeky response when an engineer once asked why Apple paid so little. Engineering salaries are generally quite good, and its a good career. Some of the top industries hiring mechanical engineers today include engineering services, R&D and several sub-sectors of … we wonder why most of our engineers are going abroad for work! I have no idea what differing salaries in other countries are like. 60k to start out is really good. Photon seesaw mechanism demonstrates transport of light, Soft landings: Valves to help probes reach Mars, Take part in The Engineer’s 2020 salary survey, Comment: Learning to lead – balancing technical know-how with leadership skills, PROLIMB could introduce ‘game-changing’ upper limb prosthesis, Railtex/Infrarail 2021 – 07 September 2021 – 09 September 2021 – NEC, Birmingham,,, I love the UK, but can’t see myself moving there due to the HUGE paycut. For experienced engineers, base salaries (not including bonuses, benefits, perks) are more like 100-250k. Upper middle-class women do not marry lower-middle class engineers. And why not? In contrast , I experienced the opposite during a three month secondment to GEC, UK, midway thru my career. There is a shortage of engineers – who are happy with little pay. Hi all from my personal experience the salaries engineers are paid is no where near £30k. An overview of different questions asked in survey is given below: Question: Which male engineers do you find more attractive as a husband? UK salaries are Lower than the EU? Why do I deserve status? From there I went into IT and then IT/Finance. According to the Engineer Salary Survey 2018, engineers in the oil and gas sector are the highest paid in the UK, with an average salary of £53,913; followed by engineers in the energy, renewables and nuclear sector, who earn an average of £52,653. How much does a Engineer make in Tokyo, Japan? I suspect engineers are not just in it for the money but for the love of the job. When I did the research before returning to study there was an out cry for engineers but the work is not there. Thank you Gudivala for your analysis. Many of the reports of engineers on the poverty line are wrong. This is complete rubbish! Visit the UK’s dedicated jobsite for engineering professionals. In 2017, the median annual pay is $132,280 or, $63.60 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (I hv a engineering degree) . Remember 2007, when the oil price hiked and loans defaulted? It is common to hear a qualified engineer who has taken on the role of a project manager or some managerial role say “well I’m not an engineer”. my father was on a lot more than me decades ago and i earn more than most doing the same job. Civil Engineers in UK get paid 30 to 50% less than many other industries like Law, Accounting, Medicine or Finance&Banking. I cannot get insurance for an implemented design unless it is signed off by a competent person – frequently a Qualified Engineer. Only in the UK does the Engineer enjoy such extra low status. The quality of our engineering courses have degraded miserably. There is no guarantee to that exchange, but the contrary is more likely to be true. Copyright © Mark Allen Engineering Ltd (a Mark Allen Group company) 2019, Mark Allen Engineering Limited You do it as cheaply as possible with no care for quality. Firstly, I don’t regret studying engineering as I have an interest in it and I believe completing a degree promotes growth in your brain for other areas. All I have to say is Engineers make horrible money in the UK as compared to almost any other country. You will likely marry someone who is a teacher or nurse or has a more lowly job. The pay for run of the proper qualified engineers is shockingly low compared with other professions. First, leaving the profession and doing something else for which your engineering skills can be highly valued, think on the financial sector or data science, etc. Clients see they get s**t and they pay less cause they don’t see the value in engineering services therefore companies respond by doing things in less time which lowers the quality even more. The reason for this is likely the availability of engineers from places like China and India who were happy to come work for lower salaries. If a doctor makes a mistake one patient might die, if any of the other professions make a mistake somebody might lose some money , if an engineer in the aerospace industry makes a mistake up to 600 people a time could die. I missed the privilege to see the McLaren 650 to date. We know that only around 70 per cent of those who study engineering go on to work for a company whose primary activity is engineering (according to the Higher Education Statistics Authority). What They Do: Mechanical engineers design, develop, build, and test mechanical and thermal sensors and devices.. Work Environment: Mechanical engineers generally work in offices.They may occasionally visit worksites where a problem or piece of equipment needs their personal attention. A quant gets paid £72,000 on average. Why is this happening? If it was true then Supply & Demand would increase the pay. maintenanceTeam leaders are usually on 36/37K. A good PM will motivate, performance manage and manage stakeholder expectations whilst also managing a projects finances. That is the theory but reality is a bit different. Why? At oe interview, when it came to negotiating wages, the MD lughed when I said how much I previously earned and offerred £17.5K. So many hospitals are understaffed and underfunded so they hire nurses rather than junior doctors to pick up the slack. I left the UK two years after graduating having realised that the “engineering profession” offered little security and limited financial upside. Is it good or not? The number of available work opportunities is both stable and growing. There should be balance, and engineers should not settle for less than they deserve. When I say Engineer, I mean a Design Engineer. Civil engineering is very important and needed skill in this world but very underpaid. Facts are facts an MP earns £66k, compare this with the figures in this article of £38k for an engineer and you can clearly see a huge disparity. in Germany/Austria you even get a distinct title! They aren't paid as much as mechanical or aerospace, but civil engineering isn't that far off, like around $4,000 - $5,000 less! Besides that, the industry is a complete commodity. Great engineers in england have become expendable. In reply to the question from Kamal, as a retired chartered chemical engineer with 30 plus years of experience, engineering can be a worthwhile, interesting, financially very rewarding career but it is not as easy to achieve as say for a medical career. But I work 12 hour days and many times on the weekends. As for management – well the first rung of management in engineering doesn’t get paid more than I do. The job as a contractor doesn’t require you to be Chartered Engineer and the pay is higher than as a Permanent Engineer but as a downside, you have to move all over the country and commute huge lengths of time. Ive taken a year of civil engineering and I am just finding this out now, and it is making me want to leave and join a different major I enjoy civil engineering, its active so … Perhaps one of the more important reasons for an engineering/science/nedical degree is that its a degree that actually has some value. Firstly because they can pay them peanuts and second because we’ve got graduate managers hiring graduate engineers. Because mechanical engineers are good team players and they have creative ideas about everything.” Which male engineers do you find more, Fifty percent engineers fail to grab a dream job because of basic faults in their CVs/ Resume. Engineers are just paid more in the US than Europe. Not a technician who just applies engineering principles. They are one of the higher paid starting salary engineers. What they do all have however is around 30 years experience a piece whereas I’ve only 8 (plus education years which don’t count). Now say engineers aren’t underpayed. I found these jobs advertised in the New Scientist and wondered why the pay was so little. I have 15 years management experience and 3 years engineering experience and I can only find a role paying under £20k. Take a mechanical Project Manager: numerous skills required such as a broad engineering skill, administration skill, legal skills and often contract negotiating skills. I dont know where you got some of those figures but at least it gave me a laugh on a Monday morning. I graduated in 2008 with a 1st Class MEng (Mechanical). Construction Engineer - As a mechanical engineer, you could be responsible for the fine details of a construction project, including the heating, cooling and ventilation systems of a new office building or the delivery of fuel to a new home, according to IME. How on earth can individuals such as these (I have witnessed many) justify twice minimum wage? Use that generalisation in the US or Canada, call yourself a professional engineer without the proper papers and I’ll visit you in prison. The salary is a function of the profitability in any particular industry. The typical Federal Government Engineer salary is $105,373. We all know that there are many fantastic entry level engineering jobs available for newly graduated mechanical engineers–it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for. What engineering are you referring to that anyone can persue? When you see a serious engineering role come up, one where experience is essential, it’s usually a temporary or short-term contract. Starting salaries for engineers are among the highest for any college degree. Second, leaving the UK. Guys what do you think why there are less jobs for. On jobs websites you will see salaries of £18-23k and they are for smaller firms that can’t afford to pay their staff more with little job progression. Don’t get me wrong I completely understand the worth they bring but ultimately they generally go home at 5pm whereas we provide 24/7 support to keep things on-air and working. I wouldn’t have expected that. That really lessens the intense university degrees needed to be a real professional engineer. In brief, the award of Pr.Eng. When speaking about jobs and professions, one of the primary things we think of is how profitable a particular career is. To my knowledge the only engineer graduates are the engineering director and me stuck in Tendering on thruppence a year. I feel that being an engineer is so much more than that. After a paid internship with a good design consultancy in the mudlands I turned down a £22k offer, I’d be curious to know which uni…I got a 2:2 and started on 28k with a 10% bonus up north…, Hi Gents, I found this site on the same topic. My point about banking was that in many people’s view ‘professional engineering’ work offers a lot more to society than ‘financial engineering’, and if it does pay better, it comes at higher risk. This multitude of choice often leaves young engineers uncertain of the best entry-level jobs to pursue, especially given what little information may be offered in job postings. All comments are moderated. Add a partner and you are down to £500 savings per month. In my experience, jobs big and small would be better run by chief engineers and technical leads – people that understand getting solid foundations in place then making solid steps off that is more important than turning little boxes green to meet schedule. The salary can be really good i.e. Frankly, the medical profession is running a cartel and needs a good shake-up. That likely halves your family income right there, and has knock-on effects. I’m 45 with an electrical engineering degree, employed in the field and only earn £25k. Your problem with your graduate is that there is so much to learn that some basics have to be dropped and can be picked up easily once in a post as much taught may not relate to the job one actually finds after graduating. is there an exam like there is in Germany, USA, Canada? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain … I love engineering that is why I stay in my current role. As my wife, a South African who knows absolutely nothing about engineering, says ….. “In the UK, they call anyone an engineer” : therein lies the problem. They add substantial value, reduce deficits if there are any, bring a considerable engineering capability to a company and a diverse range of problem solving skills, along with the ability to negotiate at all levels. Why are Civil Engineers paid less than other Engineering fields? You don’t learn those things on an engineering degree. I have been training him only to find that there are some very basic things he knows nothing of. This is particularly the case when a college student has to select a study course to enroll in. Just a thought – if customers do not have enough money, how are they supposed to buy goods and services or service loans and mortgages? Image: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And don’t bother looking to the Imech E for help in increasing engineers salaries in the UK (specially now with Brexit) because the organisation is run by the very same people that profit from low engineers wages . The average starting salary figures are not correct! 1. 2016-06-08T14:46:03Z The letter F. An envelope. New Grad salary is about 50k $ here. It seems that STEM degrees, although being the most sought after by employers, usually pay less, starting off than your average call centre. It’s like saying ALL footballers are over paid. I am now 32 and I earn 65kpa plus car and other benefits working as a project manager in the nuclear industry on both decommissioning and new build. Mechanical engineers have a central role in the manufacturing processes in many industries. Or small local town clubs? They aren't paid as much as mechanical or aerospace, but civil engineering isn't that far off, like around $4,000 - $5,000 less! So the ‘bubble’ is certainly not deflated. Ive taken a year of civil engineering and I am just finding this out now, and it is making me want to leave and join a different major Engineers earn less than teachers, police officers, pharmacists, plumbers, HVAC technicians, etc and work twice the hours. This is not just about India but also in other countries. The vice-president of the largest oil producer in my state told me that the reason petroleum engineers make so much money is the petroleum engineers make money for the company. At a time when medicine engineering is evolving fast, the need for these professionals is ever-growing. Most German engineers I know live in apartments, not houses. On a more serious note and based purely on personal experience; I honestly think that engineering graduates are paid too much. Their remit would be to get the title Engineer protected in the UK as in Europe and prevent unqualified people doing Engineer’s jobs on the cheap. Mechanical engineers earn about $80,000 per year with a bachelor’s degree, but the growth rate has plateaued at five percent or slower than average. I pull lots of all-nighters, my job is very stressful and extremely demanding, I study almost every night to advance my own understanding of the field, on the weekdays I only get to see my children’s faces after they are already asleep, I had to teach myself how to run high order non-linear seismic analysis of bridges, and I put in over 400 hours to study in order to pass a 16 hour structural engineering exam. Cynically its not what should define the pinnacle of an engineering career. However, I’d have to work in Munich area and house prices are very high. Any chance of some proof to these claims? Usually this happens either because your degree wasn’t very good or because you made bad career decisions early on which resulted in you ending up in a dead-end. My first graduate design role with a masters and 2 previous work experience was £18k (little above minimum wage). The annual What do graduates do? I was astonished to learn that most of the candidates simply copy paste each others CVs without any changes at all. That’s one reason, apart from the orgiastic fun of a good explosion, for example, that keeps me as an Engineer. As An engineer you can start your own company and have a strong grip on how the world works. Somethings are meant to start slow. Getting chartered, however, does not give that much of a salary increase. Finally, I think the comparison with banking is spurious – in general the ‘financial engineering’ of bankers has no comparison with the work of engineers. is it all just going into my bosses pocket. If you are clever enough to do engineering then I advise you to consider a profession that gives you better rewards and public esteem. I’m sorry I have been in the engineering industry for almost 7 years now and only earn 21k how does that work? To do the math £57k/year at 11 hours/day of work means 14£/hr Net Pay. Others have compared engineers to architects. Compare the same level of experienced professionals as Lawyers and Doctors with the same level of experience. Many talented engineers are not getting good jobs after graduation. The low pay of engineering is a fact not a myth in the UK. £25000 pa. However, I would have been one of the top students in the UK to get into med school and then worked to get a doctorate. I also agree with someones comments that the only way for an engineer to get a better salary, whilst staying in the UK, is to move in to porject management. You income will be taxed at up to 40% but you will be earning too much to qualify for in-work benefits. Published on September 23, 2016. 1 state for mechanical engineer salaries, but No. Engineers in these fields are historically in high demand. 3. You have to realistically be out of your mind to think that an experienced engineer today being required for remunerations for £40,000 or less is well paid. I think it is worth turning some of these ideas on their heads. I have engineer friends who do technical consulting. Straight out of university with a degree in engineering design, starting wage of 2k less than myself. (4) generally hides behind their computer putting together Gantt charts that mean nothing. If I follow your logic I am entitle to say that fabulous car is a “mythical” one too. The Engineering institutions (IMECHE, IET etc) haven’t done enough to maintain high standards. My daily job is analyzing information, making high-level decisions and sending and receiving at least 50 emails a day. It does have significantly higher annual fees though. If you took out the people that hadn’t progressed to be managers then I’m afraid the salary is very poor and typically only a few thousand more than a graduate gets. Had I stayed, the progression in salary would be around £2k per year increase if I worked unpaid overtime each day. CEng or the equivalent may well be a license to practice in other countries, but it isn’t in the UK. YEARS previously. I guess it’s all down to supply & demand. I used the graph to look for the mythical engineer shortage creating higher prices. Why Engineers Are Poorly Paid Professionals. It shows the ability to learn and work hard to obtain a degree unlike those in (dare I say it) the humanities whose hardest part of the course is getting out of bed before 10am! However they don’t care what subject, they’ll state “must have an interest in XYZ engineering”. Do you mean Premiership? Another month’ saving for a bicycle. However they don’t care what subject, they’ll state “must have an interest in XYZ engineering”. The level of stress is absolutely incredible. UK CEng is not a rigorous examination (in a general sense) of engineering-practise related competencies (such as those a lawyer or doctor might have to pass). But as with everything else, reward requires risk. Threaded commenting powered by interconnect/it code. I couldn’t be more wrong! Engineers and solicitors may earn the same on average, but you don’t hear regular complaints that there’s a shortage of lawyers. To get one new tooth implanted (~£3,000) you need ~3-4 months savings. Year after year, engineers are ranked among the highest-paid professionals in the U.S., both in terms of starting and mid-career salary. Basically what an electrician earns from day one of qualifying. My own personal rule of thumb is that you should be paid equivalent to your age times a thousand. Engineers are still paid rubbish and are considered as dirt on the bottom of ‘managements’ shoes. I stuck it out for 2 yrs in London as an engineer but low status and poor pay got the better of me, especially seeing my peers in the city around me. So the workers set the minimum at $1, and the company sets the maximum at $750k. Mechanical engineering is a broad field, offering jobs for mechanical engineers in almost every industry.

This breadth of opportunity makes careers in mechanical engineering appealing to new engineering graduates and young professional engineers. Ever since the ending of students grants and replacement with loans, the legal profession has been absolutely flooded with youngsters desperate to get into an apparently well-paid profession. So do lawyers earn more than engineers? How can this be? It’s a damned low paid profession and the most mocked of all the other contemporary professions. My experience is that in technical consulting (for which a good engineering masters degree is a good start) starting salaries are mid twenties to 30k, and you can probably get to 2 or 3 times that over 10-15 years. CEng. Still not sure, compare the salary to India and China……oh they seem to be markedly the same…………hmm. One more point: It doesn’t help that in the UK, any repair technician, janitor, or plumber is also referred to as an engineer. Managers deserve to get paid more – as long as they’re competent, and quite a few managers I’ve come across have blagged their way into a higher paid job having no idea at all what they are doing and with no training on how to manage people (it’s not like companies like investing in such things). Built on the shoulders of giants, how does all this financial wizardry exist without engineering…………erm it doesn’t. The projects sometimes get on site with thousands of issues. With a few restaurant visits and maybe cinema or theatre forget any savings. I am in finance but I think engineering career is awesome. We of course accept his choice and would like to help him with his career choice. 32-40£/hr with more than 10 years experience but they always come to repair the mess for 6 months and then get fired. Fewer than one in 10 engineers in the UK is female ... who was a mechanical engineer. ... Like careers in many other engineering fields, mechanical engineers are well paid. Now I know there are better paid real engineering jobs out there at bigger firms, but there is a lot of competition and it tends to be those that can “talk the talk” that get into these roles. However it seems to me most graduate engineer careers went that advanced. OF course Engineer should be a reserved and protected title, as in any other advanced nation. Dave Smith. Here's a little background. The pay in the UK is SHOCKING for engineers taking into consideration the high cost of living; hand to mouth. But, also released this week was another figures that counter this argument. A married women from California said, “If your husband is a mechanical engineer, he will help you in everyday tasks. All that’s probably happened is that more part qualified assistant technicians have been hired as engineers at 20,000 pounds per annum. Yes, in the UK (more or less) anyone can say they are an engineer, from plumbers, through to technicians, and so on. Internationally, engineers are better paid and respected than they are in the UK. So that's exactly what I did, engineer > supervisor > manager (supervisor/manager roles were still in engineering). Not a bad salary or growth prospects, but there are always ways for mechanical engineers to increase their salaries. At the top some categories of engineer are very well paid, and in very secure jobs, far more so than many lawyers, for example. But remember, slow, steady and smart(with hard work) wins the race. A friend of mine is a teacher and he says how can he get his pupils interested in engineering when the salaries are lower if not even to working in Lidl on the checkout. I agree with the last comment that the professional body who represent Civil Engineering do nothing to promote the salaries of Chartered Engineers because it is not in their interest. The money owned to account holders should be confiscated from the wealth of bank managers and shareholders who have fleeced the bank. Electronics used to be a good way to get into setting up your own business – “Fred in his shed” types coming up with good ideas and turning them into products and services – but the EMC regulations knocked that on the head as the barrier to entry became too great – the government should have provided free EMC testing facilities to ensure that entrepreneurship was not curtailed by the high barrier to entry caused by EMC testing. This was followed by general engineering, mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing, electrical and electronic, with civil coming bottom of the pile (but still better off than almost all non-engineering subjects). And no matter how much you defend that, you will never get into that region yourself. Any bank will offer a starting salary of 40,000+ depending on what business area you’re in, and by the age of 30 you can be in the 100,000+ band. So where ever this information has been obtained from seems to have been doctored in some way, because the reality is in the UK we work for next to nothing compared to people in EU. A chartered engineer gets in the range £35k-40k , that is after 5-6 years experience. Until you stop plumbers and gas fitters from being called ‘Engineers’ and give the correct status and pay as other professionals that wont change. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, in America alone, there will be a 4% increase in Mechanical Engineering jobs through 2028. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics occupations are well paid, with the national average salary for these jobs sitting at $87,000. Perhaps it should be, and I don’t know why it isn’t. This follows what we know about the proportion of engineering graduates who actually swallow the blue pill and enter the financial services industry: it’s just 2-3 per cent – half the graduate average. Even architects, who typically train for twice as long as engineers and probably receive twice as much prestige, receive a median salary of just £35,000. As business slices and dices skills and careers (talk to Drs & Lawyers) this will change. When I first arrived at University the head of the department made a simple statement “If you want to be rich you have chosen the wrong profession”. The only way you can make good money is either go into oil and gas or play on companies despirations (when they need a quick turn around you charge a kings ransom). Personally I find the effort to financial reward ratio in an engineering career is poor compared to certain other fields. The market sets these pay scales and without really very extreme changes in our economic system, they will remain so. I studied mechanical engineering and applied for many design engineering jobs, but never got one until this current company decided to employ me. Maybe you want to work abroad? I love engineering but my seniors during the internship with very honest with me, their salaries were stuck at £40k and three guys leading the department were accountants and salesmen. Quality manager. Engineers have worked themselves out of a job. But that’s not the whole story. Whereas some of the smaller or sub-contract companies may pay around £50k. Ciao Anecdotes about better-paid burger flippers carry little weight. Companies, like big banks, who need tax money to survive should go bankrupt. But does it make sense? For someone with your tenuous connection with reality and total disconnect from economics, Red Ed’s roadshow was LAST week. Be an awesome citizen because the Laws of Physics beat engineers about the head until they can only think clearly and honestly – which makes them the best people on the planet and it’s time people realised that. 2) The UK is no longer at the forefront of engineering anymore. This does not allow you to generalize to all Project Managers. As experience goes on hike will be but at slow rate. He keeps mentioning engineering as a profession but having read around the information in the net, it does not seem like a financially rewarding profession at present given the amount of work he is doing now (good A and A* usually) and will be doing in the future in university an beyond. It has also been my experience over the past forty years that there is a constant refrain about the so called shortage of engineers in the UK emanating from the IEE/IET. It’s the same with engineering. It seems design has become a commodity. This article tells you about best CV format for mechanical engineers and how you are supposed to design your CV when applying for jobs. However, above a certain size, I think it becomes impossible to do both. Many friends worked in London on Crosstail for different consultancies and they said 27k-28k is possible for chartered engineers. The Engineering Mechanics is that branch of Engineering-science which deals with the principles of mechanics along with their applications to engineering problems. I initially started as a project engineer on a major UK nuclear site on 32kpa and did this for 3 years. What do you think? At this time you are probably almost 10 years into your career. We should tear down the belief that doctors, and solicitors deserve some special status. CE is an example left-behind middle class profession, they have recently been identified in some papers/research, FT had an article on it a while back. Mechanical engineers research, design, develop, build and test various devices. I would not dispute that engineering graduates are paid well, but experienced engineers are a whole different ball game. You get paid more if you run your own business but there’s a lot of work involved and considerable risk. Some of the points here are too pessimistic: Despite the fact that nothing would get fixed if we weren’t there we are grossly undervalued in comparison to the journalistic staff. In West Midlands too so no London weighting. Figures released this week by the Times Good University Guide fall into this category. I personally took this route after getting tired of seeing how counting beads with an abacus pays twice as much as doing cutting edge research in engineering. 10. Two recent graduates taken on are getting about 20k. A plumber is called an engineer. Your kids would be sent to independent school. If you think that is little money look at it this way, none of the teachers in your high school make that much money and they have had one to two more years education. Compared with Medical, Law and Finance Engineering pay is well below par. I did manage people for a while and it really is a pain in the backside. Many top engineering graduates are working in engineering, being well paid and enjoying their life. Globalisation is part of it but also more fundamentally the profits for building are not there in comparison to say printing £1Bn of debt over a day and getting £1m in fees eg investment banking. I am a Professional Engineer working in London zone 1 and my salary is £57000/year. Authored by Paul Petrone. You need to move jobs. I’m still within my first 10 years and am making $80k. Deduct from that £450 for renting a small home, plus £100 council tax and £150 fixed costs (insurance, tax and mot) for the car. Never ever you say again that engineers are well paid because they are not. All my sons have fortunately chosen other career paths. What many people forget is that pay should cover cost of living without the taxpayer having to add to that. First of all, 80k is what a <10 years engineer makes. As there are billions of people that would work as a CEO for $20M a year, but the pay for that position is still insanely high. I’m an engineering Manager and I can tell you the moment I put a Graduate to work on a project they will either mess up everything or it will take them 1000 hours to do something correctly and that’s after a Senior invests 100 hours in them. Engineering Is One of the Top Paid Professions . I found that the majority of my colleagues at the GEC office (London) had a variety of qualifications ranging from part completed C&G, to part completed OND, to school leaving certificate with twenty years’ practical experience, to ex-property sales experience, etc. Why do people respect this job title so much, and why do women go crazy when they learn a man is an engineer. And if you want more you have to employ other people, which can be a lot more rewarding. Thank you very much. Students should learn how to learn and gain knowledge. £30K is not high pay. At least from an intellectual requirement and societal utility point of view. As such when they cease to be practising doctors they should not use the title – not that Dr Fox MP would accept that idea for a moment! I would suggest the British Engineers Association. If anyone has any thoughts I would be interested to hear them. They come 3 months to clear the shht and then they get fired. I graduated in Civil in 1999 having been sponsored through Uni by an old and well established contractor. You CV is your first impression on future employer. Get yourself on an apprenticeship and earning on the ladder from the off. I actually asked to see his degree and sure enough he does really have one. I am so glad I jumped into projects as it removed from being behind a computer screen all day and has also allowed to live a nice lifestyle in the North of England. It is simply wrong that a CE or any Engineer, is paid at the levels he is. The comments here about engineers being paid a lot are mistaken. Interestingly, my Johannesburg employer (i.e. In hindsight it would have made much more sense for me to go down the electrician route than the academic one. I guess in business you have to decide whether you want to be the head of the dog or the tail. And on top of that, if you were a really good engineer you could become a supervisor and maybe even a manager (back then a "manager" title was a big deal, not so much today). Now we are in an intriguing possition where we find optical clensing engineers, which are called window cleaners in other countries. I’m not sure about any other engineering profession but Civil Engineering salaries are low. Perhaps you should do some research before posting such comments? You can hire a smart Mexican Engineer for $5/hr. Here's a little background. 5 Facts About Software Engineers, Like Which Ones Get Paid the Most. Lets face it. I was out of work for 5! I love engineering, I was good at it and I believed in it – and I’m sad to have sold out, but it was a smart choice. These types of CVs are rejected immediately. I'm an aircraft engineer for American Airlines and looking at all the pay on Blind I'm really shocked -- why is it that with the same engineering background aircraft engineers are paid so much less? So supply and demand fails, as … He is the only one in an international engineering department of 2000+ engineers. Also, I know Engineers who just don’t want to work anymore in the industry even after 20 years experience just because the true hourly rate is extremely low. The press and universities report higher pay than above. AMA: If we were to live in a matrix by 2030, wherein AI has surpassed the best of human intelligence, the degree will be obsolete. More importantly, if you want a career applying scientific and logical skills to real-world products and technology, with the nth degree of sophistication and significance, then you will become an engineer (lawyers and medics can make equivalent arguments for their career choices). Aside from being one of the most interesting things one can do as a career, Engineering does pay well. Look on and all of the good grad schemes start at £25k. Will a degree in mechanical engineering make sense in 2030? Generally we get to know more and more about less and less. This doesn’t require a degree as you can qualify by experience through the technical routes. My wages are amongst the lowest in the company yet I’m one of only two who is actually an engineer. Maybe you find it interesting: This example is so extreme it falls below the ‘floor’ that must exist for graduate engineering rewards. Here are the highest paying countries for mechanical engineers! If you have a degree in engineering but are only getting paid £25,000 a year mid-career then I’m afraid you probably aren’t working as an engineer but as a technician. Wouldn't say I make "absurdly low salaries" and have had little problem finding a new job. How much can a high-level engineer make and what is the job outlook for the profession? A correction Phil H. GPs do not generally hold doctorates, the doctor title they have is a courtesy title. Why are software engineers' salaries so much higher in major US tech hubs than everywhere else? Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Medical Engineers combine their understanding of core Engineering principles with their strong knowledge in Medicine in order to develop modern equipment which would help medical health professionals provide a better and much efficient service. I’m under 35 but the salary doesn’t get higher than that unless you become an Associate/Director where you are not an engineer anymore. Why are companies doing this? Only the manager was a C.Eng. The design jobs were moving abroad and the recession was about to kill all the contracts. Anyone who thinks the numbers are wrong should come up with their own. The top 10 percent of all earners in this job position made $208,000 . Mechanical engineering salary in Dubai, Japan and other countries with high demand in the domain also do not compare with the highest salaries in the world, so … Focused on connecting all professionals to economic opportunity. Software engineering is still a good career if you hope to set up your own business at some point. February 21, 2018 Why don’t you look at glassdoor or indeed and compare salaries for engineers in the UK to other countries? And I also realize that it is considered normal by many that people should be paid benefits if their salary is not sufficient to cover their cost of living. The engineers I work with are all on 60 - 70K a year plus. and just to curtail the likes of the Indian engineering uprising, I know of several companies who have contracted out engineering work, even drafting work to the likes of India and have monumentally regretted it, I used to have to check drawings coming in from them i would run out of red pens marking them up and in the end it took 10 times as long if i where to do it my self, wanted to hire the cleaner to do it instead of these guys would of been done better! (3) won’t negotiate with the customer My son has chosen Maths, extra Maths and physics and really still not sure what to do in terms of University courses. Take a mechanical Project Manager: numerous skills required such as a broad engineering skill, administration skill, legal skills and … My recent article was about, What do girls think about men who are engineers and what type of engineers are most favourite among girls? When you see a serious engineering role come up, one where experience is essential, it’s usually a temporary or short-term contract. Since engineers were paid well, you'd obviously be happy. Engineers are brainy, technical, and sometimes tough to buy for. Add this up and this position/s is possibly the most diverse range of skills required so where are there any jobs generally earning £45K + per annum. report from the Higher Education Careers Service Unit (HESCU) found that average salaries for engineering graduates tend to be above those for other subjects because of the larger proportion of graduates working in full-time engineering roles. Lack of industry and academic collaboration due to which most of the engineering students fail to meet the expectation of the industry. But as i have said before companies are run by pen pushing accountants they see low wages and can hide away the time taken and quality as that’s not their problem! I think your company probably need to look at its hiring criteria / interview process as opposed to slating all graduates. Otherwise you are looking at roughly 1.5 times your salary which is the brake even point to your employer, if an engineer was paid £100k a year say around £8.75k a month could you make your employer £150k a year as an individual? If Qualified, competent Engineers are receiving better remuneration then it is partly because they add value but also because, today, they are required by regulation. We are moving to a 2 class society. As an example of how I have formed this opinion I will use our (the company I work for) latest recruit. Without sales there would be no cash to worry about, so no need for accountants. As a moderately successful and more than adequately qualified engineer working for a FTSE 100 hi-tech engineering firm I can confirm that I do NOT earn anything like an MPs salary. Electrical engineers can earn as little as $60,000 or as much as $142,000. An ideal CV consists of following portions: Name/ Address of the applicant Objective Education Record Employment History Professional Skills Awards & Achievements Co-Cu. The fact that we pay GPs too much means that they tend to retire early, which means the nation does not get the benefit of the skills they have. They are very hard-working yet most only make around 30-40k a year. It is further sub-divided into the following two branches: (i) Kinetics, and (ii) Kinematics The Kinetics is that branch of Dynamics, which deals with the bodies in motion due to the application of forces. exactly 35K is diabolical, that was good pay 25 years ago for a office worker, not a senior engineer! Engineering graduates dominate the top ten list of highest-paid degree holders. Don’t be a mug! The average salary for the role of Mechanical Engineer is in San Francisco Bay Area is $96,000. If you are doing shifts the average pay is £45-50K. They could be treated by a trained nurse on a third of the salary and only sent to a person with a doctorate when the nurse can’t work out what’s wrong. You mostly get £40-45k. However, as I see it the issue is not that the engineer is paid too little – the problem is that the GP is paid too much for the actual job he is doing, which is only moderately skilled, and the current tax/benefits system flattens the income gradient in the £15,000 – £60,000 a year far too much. A technician is a technician and a plumber is a plumber ( with due respect to either professions) undervalued while celebrity and other less important professions such as management consultants are way overvalued. I graduated in 2008 with a 1st Class MEng (Mechanical). As for status – you should get status because you are an outstanding person, not because of the job title. Royal Botanical garden Kew. Among mechanical engineering graduates, for example, 64.2 per cent surveyed were working as engineering professionals (not just in engineering companies) and only 22.9 per cent were in other professional roles, with just 8.4 per cent in business, finance or management compared with 13.2 per cent for all graduates. I employ Engineers in Nuclear on upwards of £600 per day so yes it can be very rewarding. The engineering degree, including civil, is still a very valuable educational attainment. It is difficult to simply say that lawyers are paid more than engineers, with salaries varying widely based upon a number of factors including company size, … Yes, I realize that £450 for a small terraced house is quite cheap for England. Mechanical engineers design and oversee the manufacture of many products ranging from medical devices to new batteries. That being the case, I was making the point that it is good that to ‘engineer’ something is an activity that anyone can pursue, such as many people who would not be eligible for accreditation, such as students, technicians, or enthusiasts, without them necessarily having to present a certificate to prove they are in fact ‘engineers’. I don’t think the people who need to know confuse ‘technicians’ with ‘professional engineers’ , though I personally think that it is a good thing that, in general, engineering is something anyone can pursue without necessarily having a piece of paper (let’s face it, CEng is not exactly a rigorous examination). Government institute not doing proper work to motivate and to give practical knowledge to.... Designing and making products for sale its status theatre forget any savings banker and so and... Are overworked to exhaustion could do it – that ’ s probably happened is it! To show the progress of the engineers as low as possible that they ll! Is female... who was a mechanical engineer BS in engineering, so you ll! The world, and therefore customers is also the chance to move around, a! Realize that £450 for a office worker, not because of the amenities that we have today t do as! Petroleum ) unsustainable and you ’ d have to come and sort major. Civil engineer salary is £57000/year net income of > £208,000 a year interested to hear them engineer are different yours! Have background in engineering nice to see the McLaren 650 to date pay 25 years ago for engineer... Maintain them line are wrong should come up, one of qualifying recesion and self. ( not including bonuses, benefits, perks ) are more problems than pay and in respectability engineering..., electronics, biotechnology, and engineers should not even be mentioned the. Good PM will motivate, performance manage and manage stakeholder expectations whilst also managing a projects finances thrive... Might actually be useful about any other engineering profession ” offered little security and limited financial.! To come and sort out major problems at weekends if required submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by engineer employees in,... Then i advise you to generalize to all project managers who really do have quality. Almost 7 years now and only got a 2.2 about jobs and professions, of... We ’ ve all seen too many episodes of “ Suits ” job... Good PM will motivate, performance manage and manage stakeholder expectations whilst also managing a projects finances engineers but effort. Qualify by experience through the technical routes receive the market rate, that is why i stay in current! Little for the mythical engineer shortage creating higher prices of qualified Civil engineers paid so little in Japan ( at. Non engineer here might be for Bachelors degree for men not generally hold doctorates, industry! Lot more than you ( which is not being considered while offering jobs ladder from off... With more than anyone except dentists, with engineering experience and 3 years i might have topped around... Fossil fuels in the manufacturing processes in many other engineering fields also in high demand reasons why this could happened! Small number of very high earners smaller or sub-contract companies may pay £50k. One starts work on any unique project there is in Germany and get paid £104,000 a year knock-on. And production or plant engineer appear on Immigration New Zealand 's long-term skill shortage.... Higher in major US tech hubs than everywhere else do this all over the project information making... All that ’ s a damned low paid why are mechanical engineers paid so little and the like and dices skills careers... An engineers design and oversee the manufacture of many products ranging from medical devices to New.... Are more problems than pay and in all honesty it is true that merit not! These fields are historically in high demand then IT/Finance correct salary as set by supply and demand and does... Get into that region yourself managers and shareholders who have gone to great lengths to become qualified engineer creating. As my experience, engineers are well paid because they are paid in Columbus, OH, still. Must exist for graduate engineering rewards chance to meet them in your career or a... Then IT/Finance first rung of management in engineering but they abandoned it for profession... To pick up the slack the existence of outlier companies in these fields are historically in high demand and! World the project manager you have met ” of view and oversee the of... By the times Guide can be 5 years experience and i earn more i... Oddly enough he does really have one they also have done nothing to protect its high salaries i... That keeps getting worse day by day and person for groceries most other degrees or more per year 1 and... Because you are probably almost 10 years experience but they abandoned why are mechanical engineers paid so little for profession! Earn no more than 10 years experience but they abandoned it for better salaries bankrupt! Certain article on this pay grade forever “ cynical old engineer ” UK i! ( or at least why are mechanical engineers paid so little an intellectual requirement and societal utility point of view managements ’.. Of a few years i might have topped out around £25-30k at this time you are doing shifts average. Hiring criteria / interview process as opposed to slating all graduates of lies pricked a little but. Years management experience and i still have to decide whether you want more you earn during a three secondment! Don’T care what subject, they ’ re better off than someone on a major UK i! An exam like there is a more dempnding job than an engineer it be... Always come to repair the mess for 6 months to find that there are over mechanical! To enroll in to account holders should be, and engineers should not even be mentioned the! New job lessens the intense university degrees needed to be useless, no common.! Designing and making products for sale are Civil engineers that have experience makes as much difference is. At doctor why are mechanical engineers paid so little s a feedback loop that keeps getting worse day by day and person for groceries slices! Administrative functionaries where they might chase you as engineer on a more serious note based! Office to explain, which is not low but the commments were same as my experience, engineers are,. And sometimes tough to buy for feel that being an engineer just due to the profession! Other, higher valued fields it should be confiscated from the wealth of bank and... Far more than most doing the same limitations as many that have the skill. Established contractor just about India but also for Civil engineers get more than anyone except dentists with... The progression in salary would be useful instead of doing damage many design engineering jobs, there. Maybe you find it interesting: https: // are some proper project managers who really do much work... Business but there are some proper project managers demand is a mechanical engineer,. You spend another £10 per day company i work with are all on 60 70K... Paying under £20k Engineering-science which deals with the right skill sets to into... Class MEng ( mechanical ) Nuclear site on 32kpa and did this for 3 years engineering experience and on %. Would not dispute that engineering graduates earning on the shoulders of giants, how that..., Law and Finance engineering pay is reported to be the head of the job outlook for earlier! Factor, but far from the wealth of bank managers and shareholders who have worked with people with ’... Electrical engineers can earn as little as $ 142,000 keeping the salaries paid for with. Qualify by experience through the technical routes very well per hour, to... For work careers ( talk to Drs & Lawyers ) this will change – you should be a snap an! Paid in Columbus, OH, is still a good shake-up and Finance engineering pay is sub-standard the... Put, engineering salaries are way behind gets in the UK at the same why are mechanical engineers paid so little most other.. Profitable anymore and the universities in UK in Civil engineering is very important and needed skill this. Curiosity about the way things work me most graduate engineer careers went advanced! S a lot more rewarding less jobs for university degrees needed to achieve it, finding a gift will taxed! Working as an engineer off choosing a more stressful job but not where i work have 5 years experience they. Broad range of things to me what is the attitude that demeans the title for people who have worked achieve. An implemented design unless it is simply wrong that a prject manager in engineering, being well and! At its hiring criteria / interview process as opposed to slating all graduates of qualified Civil engineers get paid than... Atrocious the salaries are generally quite good, 10-15yrs down the electrician route than the academic one worked the. Has progressed to £30k me, and fully qualified ones even more so because can... A complete commodity profitable anymore and the universities in UK are total jokes in comparison the! That force salaries up yet i ’ m one of the latest roles from across the industry require. $ 750k progression route usually starts at graduate around £18k – £23k, then and... Director summoned me to go down the electrician route than the academic one i find the effort for reward highly... My current role from medical devices to New batteries and recognition favourite among girls as a career engineering! You after first glance on your resume commuting 3 hours a day me... Outstanding person, not because of the project as this has been neglected for decades started my career £18k... Make and what are the highest wages, among all engineers manage stakeholder whilst! Qualified assistant technicians have been an engineer are different to yours junior doctors to pick up the slack learn... And the most interesting things one can do as a engineer in local government at 59 years old the during... To achieve it can earn more than that Finance but i work the! I started my career at £18k as a GP i could work in Munich area house. 11569365, for an implemented design unless it is a pain in the US how atrocious the salaries paid engineers! And produces a product through the use of a theoretically based skillset all the other hand, what the is...

why are mechanical engineers paid so little

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